Dining with Toddlers and Wild Birds

I love to dine.  How heavenly is a leisurely meal out with yummy wine, multiple courses, and good conversation?    Now add Zephyr. Dining out with my two-year old feels like combat dinning. When I am out with him forget the first course and instead of sipping fine wines that compliment my meal, I am slugging it for strength. He just doesn’t have my passion for food and good service. His passions are running, jumping and fire trucks.

Last night it was a beautiful, clear evening. My husband and I thought it would be fun to go to Indian Creek Golf Course for dinner. Plenty of outdoor seating and an amazing view of Mt. Hood.  We had been up playing in the woods and I should have known he was too punch drunk for a nice meal.  He would not stay put.  My normally active toddler was on overdrive.  A restaurant nightmare.  My husband and I had to take turns walking to the pond with him.

Nice family meal.

I chose an outdoor table away from the other dinners.  This is normally a great idea, but this time it back-fired.  While Jim was coming to trade-off with me so I could finish my meal, a raven landed on our table and ate the rest of my lovely crab pasta.   And knocked over my beer.  Ravens are the tricksters in Native American Mythology.  They trick you into learning.  What was that blasted raven teaching me?

The Ravens Dining with Hurricane Zephyr tips:

1.  Make sure your toddler is not at his limit.  That he/she is well rested and excited to go out.

2. Bring an activity such as small trucks or a game.

3. Ask your server to bring the child’s meal out right away.

4. Tip, Tip tip well.

5. Most importantly…..  BABYSITTER!!!!!  Leave the kid at home.  He has fun and you get to relax.

I have taken Zephyr out to eat since he was two weeks old and even though it is challenging, I still take him out about once a week.  It is important that he learns good restaurant etiquette  even at his age.  But next time I will be more prepared and use judgment.  If he is begging to go home, it might be a good idea to get take-out.

Dine happy,


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