Tooth Fairy Fail!

Anna lost her third tooth last night, widening the cute “window” she has in her cute little mouth. She was so excited, as was her little brother. I think he’s a little envious of the milestone.

She very sweetly wrote a note to the Tooth Fairy, asking for three quarters (since it was her third tooth!). I said, “I don’t know, Honey. I think she only brings one quarter.”

“But it’s my third tooth, and I need to save all the quarters I can for when we go to Disney World again!”

Well, I can’t argue with that logic. The other super cute thing is that she all three times she’s lost a tooth, she’s asked me to comb her hair so “I can look pretty for the Tooth Fairy.” That may be the only three times she’s EVER asked me to comb her hair!

Anna’s second tooth fell out while she was visiting my parents, so my mom (brilliant woman) helped her make this cute box for holding the tooth. How it’s supposed to work is the Tooth Fairy takes the tooth out of the little box and replaces it with the quarters.

I was making my coffee this morning, thinking about how darling my little daughter is, wanting to save money for Disney World and look pretty for the Tooth Fairy. Then it hit me.


How dumb can I get? All I had to do was wait until she was asleep and make a little switch. Sheesh, I’m such a bad parent!

I ran up the stairs as quietly as I could, muttering obscenities under my breath and hoping hoping hoping that she was still asleep, and that I could make the switch without waking her up. Dammit, I suck!

She was awake, holding the box with the tooth inside.

“Mama, the tooth is still here!”

I played it off, feeling like an ass.

“Oh, that’s okay, Honey. We probably just stayed up too late last night. Let’s put it up here where it’s safe, and we’ll go to bed earlier tonight.”

She seemed to buy that explanation. But yikes. I’d better remember tonight!!



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