Here come the head lice?

welcome packet

A sampling of all the paper in the kindergarten welcome packet

Wow! Anna starts kindergarten tomorrow, and just look at all this crazy paperwork! Some of these multi-page documents aren’t even double-sided. And you call yourselves Oregonians?

Ok, I’m being a little harsh on the paperwork. We all do our best, right? It’s all good information.

What really got to me, though, are the 3 pages devoted to pediculosis, head lice. I really sincerely hope we won’t have to deal with this… But we will, won’t we? Tell me, parents of the world… is it inevitable?

head lice pamphlet

Shut the front door! This is a big enough problem that they devoted 3 pages to it? Help!

Here’s hoping,


  1. beats dr dre September 14, 2011
  2. Lakisha October 8, 2011