No-Mess Art for Anna!

Anna is so creative, she can’t resist a pen, crayon, scissors, paper, glitter… seriously, whatever she can get her hands on, she’ll make in to some form of artistic expression.

This can be charming, when she’s re-arranging flowers and sticks and pine cones in the yard to make funny faces. It can also be frustrating, when there are scraps of paper and glitter all over the house. Ask Brian about Anna’s constant art projects, and he’ll sigh heavily, roll his eyes, and bemoan the water color paints left out and the sticky brushes he had to clean up before dinner.

Don’t get me wrong, we both love that she is so artistic. But the mess gets to be a little much to take at times.

I was offered a Nomad Play™ iPad paintbrush to review with the kids, and I jumped at the chance because it seems like such a great way to encourage artistic expression without the actual paint. It’s a paintbrush stylus for iPads or other tablets, but the shape and size are designed for children.

Cute, right? There are a number of doodle and art apps for iPads and smart phones, but this stylus paintbrush keeps the fingerprints off the screen. A quality lost on the children, but appealing to me! Of these apps, iDoodle2lite is Anna’s favorite because she can create different shapes, then color them in. You can see other apps at, but we tried several and this was her favorite.

Anna's latest creation

Nomad Brush is offering one of my readers a free Nomad Play™ brush ($18 value)! Leave a comment on this page, then head here to enter the contest. The giveaway ends Thursday at midnight, so the winner can receive it in time for Christmas. Yay for that!

Now if only someone would invent an app that solved Anna’s need to cut paper into tiny bits and leave them all over the house…


I was given a Nomad Play™ brush to review hand over to my children. All opinions are my own that of my children.


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