The Secret World of Arrietty

I’m enchanted by little things. Tiny boxes, miniature bottles… it’s probably why we created the fairy garden in our front yard – to encourage little fairies to visit, and it’s so fun to build the tiny houses and pathways.

When we took the kids to see Beauty & The Beast in 3D, we saw a trailer for a new Disney movie that I thought at first was a new take on fairies. The Secret World of Arrietty, however, is about tiny people living normal lives – using their own ingenuity and hard work – to survive.

They spend their lives “borrowing” raw materials from humans, and avoiding contact with them. The story unfolds when one brave little “Borrower” girl becomes friends with a human boy.

The kids and I can’t wait to see this movie, which opens mid-February. The animation looks like no other Disney movie I’ve seen – lush, vibrant backgrounds, but spare, simple almost anime-style people. It looks very interesting.

"€œTHE SECRET WORLD OF ARRIETTY"   Human boy Shawn (right, voice of David Henrie) is astonished when he visits the garden and discovers Arrietty (voice of Bridgit Mendler) a tiny person who lives hidden with her family under the floorboards of the house where he's staying, in Disney's release of the Studio Ghibli animated feature, "€œThe Secret World of Arrietty."€ (Opening in theaters Feb. 17, 2012)  © 2010 GNDHDDTW. All Rights Reserved.

© 2010 GNDHDDTW. All Rights Reserved.

I also love the subtle environmental message:

Arrietty and her family represent nature and the small things that one rarely thinks about––blades of grass, bugs––life that is usually tucked away in the environment and that has learned to live underfoot. They’ve learned to borrow from the planet only what is necessary to survive and will allow for comfortable living.

Here’s the trailer from the movie, and Secret World of Arrietty Coloring & Activity_Sheets for the kiddles. You can also find more info and fun stuff on the Facebook page.

Will you see The Secret World of Arrietty when it comes out in theaters later this month?



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