Work it! {Mamavation Monday}

I ran a 15K yesterday! Can you believe it? I still kinda can’t.

At 10 p.m. on Saturday evening, one of my running buddies texted me that she wasn’t going to participate after all, and did I want her registration? Always up for a challenge, I accepted!

I put down the wine, drank a bunch of water and stretched my muscles as best as possible, and went to bed. I think I didn’t even have time to get nervous about it!

I was so glad that I had gotten 3 runs in last week, so at least physically I knew I was in good enough condition. I’ve been fighting illness for a few weeks, and at least one week I only ran twice. But the last two weeks I knew I was healthy enough to run… so I had to push myself to get back in the groove. You know how when you take time off from something, it’s harder to get back in to it? Yah. That.

But I pushed through as many runs as I could, partly because I had friends depending on me. See, that’s the beauty of setting up regular running dates. I have to follow through! It’s so much easier to bale on a workout without that accountability.

So anyway, back to the 15K. That is 9.32 miles! Woo hoo! That officially qualifies as my longest run to date. Best of all, I felt really strong! It was fun.

Here are a few pics:

There were 7,500 runners doing the 15K, and 32,500 total Shamrock Run participants. Crazy!

I found a very tall leprechaun!

Me at the start, representing the Disney Social Media Moms! Yes, I'm wearing bright red lipstick. :)

This was a mis-placed sign, it was really mile 2. I've been running 7 miles the last few weekends, so I wasn't worried about the first 7 miles, it was the last 2 I was afraid of. But at mile 2, I realized that I only had 7 to go, and chose to think of the extra 2 as behind me, not in front of me!

I don't know if you can see this, but there is a dude up there in a wheel chair. This is about mile 6, and we had just been ascending a big hill for the last two miles. That guy is HARD. CORE.


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