Preparing for Lice

When Anna started Kindergarten, we got an alarming flyer warning us about head lice, and how to treat lice when or if our precious little students were infected. I waited for the inevitable notification that someone had head lice, meaning we’d all need to do whatever it is we needed to do to treat the lice. I talked with more experienced parents about the nit-picking (literally!), shampooing, and disinfecting in our future. Finally in November during parent/teacher conferences, I asked the teacher about it. “Is lice really inevitable? How will you tell us when someone has it, so we know when to take action?”

Well. Apparently, the teachers are not allowed to tell us when someone has lice.


Yeah. Apparently the school district has dealt with at least one lawsuit in the last few years, from parents who felt their privacy hadn’t been protected when everyone found out their kid had head lice.

“So you can’t tell us?”

Nope. She was able to confirm that there were currently two cases of lice in the school at that time, but she wasn’t even allowed to tell us if it was someone in her class! OMG!

They make such a big deal about lice having nothing to do with hygiene, income, or parent attention/neglect. So why would someone be so embarrassed about their kid having it that they wouldn’t care that they were potentially infecting other children? I’m baffled, but never having been in that situation, maybe I just don’t know.

So all that considered, it really does seem inevitable. One of the parents was telling me about this amazing comb that someone else had told her about… I know – it seems like a game of telephone. Amazing lice-killing techniques, three times removed. All this came up at a dinner party, so we weren’t sure if this product really existed. It’s like one of those fly zappers, but in a comb. You comb your kids’ hair with it, and it ZAPS the little bugs and nits!

This seemed too good to be true, and I decided if it really did exist (and wasn’t some myth created over too much wine) then we needed one! But then as time went on I forgot all about it – and the pending lice issue – for a couple months. But a Facebook friend just posted about all these lice cases at her school, and it got me thinking. What about that zzzapper comb?

You know how if you carry an umbrella, it doesn’t rain? Well I think if I get that zapper comb then we’ll never actually need it!

I found it on Amazon:
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It’s $25. That seems like a small price to pay for insurance against lice. And if we do end up with a lice-infested kid head, at least we can have some fun with the zapper.

So I just ordered one.  ZZZZT!


 Beyond fun gadgets, here is what seems to be some helpful information about dealing with head lice.


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