Never ending costumes ’round here

We like being the dress-up capitol of the block. We have so many costumes and dress up paraphernalia, we’ve had 12 kids at once all dressing up and running around the neighborhood. Some are actually the kids’ Halloween costumes, but we have a fair amount of random dress-up items, like weird dresses, feather boas, capes and sparkly things. We even did a fantastic family costume one year, which was my all-time favorite:

Even Brian dressed up for this one!

I probably collect this stuff because I actually LOVE to get dressed up myself. But seeing how much the kids enjoy it certainly inspires me to buy more. It’s your birthday? How about a new princess dress? Crazy sequin dress at Goodwill? Better get if for the dress up box!

So imagine my frustration when Brian informed me on Wednesday morning that the whole week was “spirit week” at Anna’s school, and we had already missed 2 days of costume opportunities!

Crazy hat day?

I Anna could have killed that! We managed to scrape together a mod outfit for her 60s day:

All the other kids at the school went for 60s hippie. We went mod.

It barely seemed like a costume, but it’s the best we could do with 10 minutes warning!

For 70s day, I couldn’t talk Anna into wearing an Eric Estrada shirt actually from the 70s, so we dove into the Halloween Costumes box and came up with this gem:

She was quite enamored of herself in this outfit!

Anna keeps telling me that she wants to be a dinosaur for Halloween this year. (yes, we’re always talking about costumes) I prefer costume themes that the whole family can get in to… maybe we could be the Flintstones?