Donate those old clothes for needy families

Brian & I have loaded up the station wagon with bags and bags of bedding, clothes, kids shoes & boots and coats. Spring cleaning feels so good!

You know what is even better? We can take them to SnowCap Community Charities, and the items will go DIRECTLY into the hands of needy families.

Needy families are given an allotment of poundage of clothes & goods they can select each month.

I used to take things to Goodwill all the time – it’s certainly convenient. But when Brian was picking up their dumpsters (part of his job at the time), he often noticed perfectly good items just thrown in the trash. Bikes, toys still in boxes, tons of clothes. I’m speculating, but I think they must get so much stuff that they just can’t even process it all – so it goes in the garbage. Why wouldn’t they pass off that stuff to another organization that could process it? Plus, they are selling all that stuff, and they make a lot of money. As a Goodwill shopper, I’ve seen the prices go up so much in the last 10 years.

So SnowCap has my vote. And by vote, I mean donations! It’s a bit of a drive for us, and not nearly as convenient as one of other easy drop bins nearby, but I love knowing that the products are going right to families that need them.