Bloggers on Caffeine

Leah Segedie recently posted pics of a bunch of awesome bloggers, all drinking coffee. One of them commented, “I feel like I just had coffee with a bunch of my friends!” It got me thinking a bloggy coffee date would be fun, then I noticed that Janice @fitcheerldr took it a step further and suggested a meme. I’m in!

Here’s me with my coffee today. I’m a little rough after several margaritas last night…

Don't I look pretty? Pretty ragged...


Janice suggested this:

1) Take a picture of yourself enjoying your morning cup of coffee/tea/hot water/protein smoothie/juice etc and post it to your blog.
2) Tag a few of your favorite bloggers and ask them to play along.


Tag, ladies!

Jeannie, a fabulous fashionista who is also super sweet

Kendall, who is documenting her weight loss journey at 50byFifty

Vivian, also known as the Vivacious Gourmand

Ryan, an honest parent and excellent writer.

Shelley, a good supportive friend with amazing nails. Check out her confessional.