Summery Springtime Snowglobe

I got trapped in a snow globe last weekend!

We had about a dozen kids in and out of our front yard throughout the weekend, and it was so much fun! A friend invited us to meet up for dinner, and I realized there was no way I was going to break the snow globe effect by leaving.

Kids were riding scooters and bikes up and down the sidewalk,

doing art projects on the picnic table,

swimming and splashing in the pool,

hanging out in the Fairy Hut


…and of course, the face paints, which led to them getting a little tribal:

You may be able to guess from all the little white flecks all over the place why we felt like we were in a snow globe. Every spring, there is one magical week in which the cherry tree drops all of it’s petals. It just happened to coincide with our rare 80 degree weekend, making it feel like summer and spring all at once. We’ll have many more weekends of kids having summer fun in the front yard, but this weekend, we were in a magic snow globe!

Here’s the cherry tree from our bedroom window upstairs:

Isn’t it wonderful? I love that tree so much, and I love the way it provides a canopy for our outdoor fun.

Enjoy those magic moments in your life!


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