Active Recovery vs. Passive Recovery

I have got to do some research into “active recovery.” I’ve heard from some hard-core runners that it’s good for your muscles to do a light “maintenance” or recovery run the day after a big long run. I’ve never felt much like running the day after my long runs! But I haven’t been too sore, either, I think because I do a lot of stretching, and usually run by day 2.

I felt SO AWESOME after the Hippie Chick. The day after, Sunday, I felt a little stiff – but not sore. It didn’t even occur to me to do a short run on Monday, which would have been my normal pattern if I hadn’t been at the beach.

So Tuesday, I headed out for my typical 4-miler with my Tues/Thurs running mamas…


OMG, my legs were so sore, I actually had to stop running at mile 3 and walk the rest of the way. Are you kidding me?

Now, a day later, and my legs feel so worked and sore, I had to hold on to the hand-rail to come downstairs. I had a dream last night that someone offered me a cane.

I’ve been stretching and doing yoga, but I think I need a soak and a massage.

Next time, I’m doing a long walk or a short run the day after a big long run, and a maintenance run the day after that. I’ve got to figure this out quickly; Hood to Coast is coming up in August, and I’ve got to be able to run three times in approximately 36 hours.

If anyone has any advice for how to get my poor, fatigued and sore legs back in commission, I sure would appreciate it!!



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  1. Beeb Ashcroft May 17, 2012