Oregon Strawberries

May 20th is “Pick Strawberries Day,” and even though we are not able to go out and pick strawberries today, we are enjoying some fresh berries thanks to our local farmers’ market.


I did not use any filters on these photos. The berries are naturally this gorgeous!

Oregon Strawberries are special.

Nothing white or hollow about this berry!

Our climate makes them super sweet, deep red and very very delicate. They are so delicate, they can’t be shipped long distances. Their delicate, natural sugar-laden composition means they go from ripe to rotten in a matter of days. The strawberries you find in grocery stores are hardy and tough compared to our little rubies of perfection. Oregon strawberries are mainly exported as frozen or dried for cereals, or pureed for yogurt or jams.

The fresh ones are reserved exclusively for anyone who happens to be in the right place at the right time – namely, Oregon in May and June!

A perfect snack, such perfect little gems!

Yes, I’m an Oregon strawberry snob. I wish I could share them with you non-Pacific-Northwesterners, but you’ll just have to come visit.




For you locals who aren’t yet familiar with the wonders of our strawberries, here are some resources for you:

Oregon Strawberry Commission

PDX Kids Calendar is working on a local berry-picking guide, but in the meantime you can check out Kristin’s guide here.

Portland-area farmers markets



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