Camping Food: Fire-Roasted Bananas

Anna wanted to try this campfire-roasted banana trick that we saw some other campers do on our last trip, so we gave it a shot and it was delicious.

Here’s how:

Make a 2″ slit lengthwise in a full, peeled banana, then wrap the whole thing in a layer of tinfoil. I used about a 12″x12″ square, so it wrapped around the banana a few times.

Place the banana in your fire pit on the coals, or just to the side the fire if you don’t have coals yet. We did this in the morning for breakfast, so the fire hadn’t been going very long. It would be easier with a bigger fire.

Leave it in the fire for at least 20 minutes, but no more than an hour – depending on how hot your fire is, and how many coals you have. If you’ve got the banana on a ton of hot coals, it won’t take as long.

Carefully remove the banana from the fire using tongs, or use a stick or poker to move it away from the fire and then pick it up with a potholder or towel.

There will be steam inside the packet when you open it, so be careful!

Use a spoon to scoop out the hot, caramely banana and put the peel in your compost bin.

We added some fresh Oregon strawberries that Brian’s sister sent with us on our trip.


Campfire-roasted banana is also a good substitute for marshmallows when you make s’mores.

Let me know if you try it!