Needy Girl

My daughter is very independent.

I have NO IDEA where she gets that!*

Because she is so convinced that she knows what she wants, and that she’s smarter than me (don’t tell her yet, but I think she is, too), I forget sometimes how much she needs me.

Eric is very snuggly and always wants to touch or hug me. Anna is usually off doing her own thing! But when I’m gone a lot – like this week, working 12-hour days – she is the first one to implode.

© Leah Harb

It’s like she just needs to know I’m here, even if she acts like she doesn’t need me. She’s only six, so of course I know she needs me. But it surprises me when she reacts this way when I’m gone.

It starts with tears every time I leave the house.

“I’ll miss you too much,” she says.

The other day she followed me out to the car, saying, “When I tell you I love you, I really mean it!”

Oh, heartbreak! Does she think it’s somehow her fault that I’m gone so much?

This morning she came running in to my room, whimpering. I thought she’d had a bad dream, but no. She just needed some skin-on-skin time.

Poor little boo.

I’m not sure what I can do to reassure her. Sometimes, my work takes over my life for a few days. We just deal with it. I’ve got to talk with her and figure out what we can do to make this ok for her!

Any brilliant insights for me?





*yes I do


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