Back to school – First Grade, here we come!

Anna starts first grade soon, and I’m a bit looking forward to getting back in a routine. I have a lot of travel I’m doing right now, and that girl is really having a hard time. I told you before how I had a total parenting FAIL, right? Well all this “being away” has the girl freaking out. Back to school – and my schedule evening out – should help.

Last year, Anna totally rocked Kindergarten. Up until she stopped rocking it, that is. Right around spring break, she just stopped. I don’t want to say she stopped trying, but the kid who always finished her desk work and was excited to read books on her own suddenly stopped finishing her work and didn’t want to read any more.

I never figured out what was going on with her, but I eventually came to the conclusion that me pushing her was not helping. So we read, she’s been writing 2-3 sentences in her notebook almost every day all summer, and I’m hoping for the best.

I’ve learned from past First Graders at Hollyrood that they get a weekly homework packet. So in a stroke of genius (I think), I suggested to Anna that she and I do her homework together every night. SCORE ONE FOR MOM!

Anna is so excited about doing her homework! She won’t even get her first packet for the first few weeks of school, but she mentions it several times a day.

“My mama and I will have special girl time together to do my homework.”

That’s right, baby. Together!

Here’s a fun giveaway to get you in the mood for back to school.  AT&T is hosting a Back to School Sweepstakes and Deals:
Each week from now through Sept 16th AT&T is giving away a “must have” back-to-school device to five lucky winners. Enter your email address to win this week’s prize.

Who wouldn’t love a new toy to get excited about back to school?

Enjoy the last days of summer!



I was given a sweet set of ear buds for promoting AT&T’s Back to School Sweepstakes & Deals.

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