Veteran’s Day Parade in Portland’s Hollywood District

I love my neighborhood. Do I say that often enough? Not only is it full of beautiful, tree-lined streets and old houses, but our neighbors are awesome and we can walk to everything we need. As if that weren’t enough, we also get to host two darling parades each year: the Junior Rose Festival Parade and the Veteran’s Day Parade.

©Mostlymommyhood.comWe talked to the kids about Veteran’s Day, importance of honoring all the people who have served in the various branches of the military. They don’t fully get what the military is about, but they know that some special people to them have volunteered to serve their country – so that is good enough for now.

This parade is really sweet and special. It has everything from large military vehicles, to Cub Scouts, to Daughters of the American Revolution, middle school bands, and even The Royal Rosarians.

My only complaint is the candy and snacks being handed out. Candy was thrown by several participants, and New Seasons was pushing a cart and handing out sample packs of crackers and things. I felt like this detracted from the parade. The experience for the kids quickly went from waving flags and  honoring the veterans and service members to being all about the candy. Sigh.

We do our best as parents, but how can we compete with hurled candy?

Regardless, this is a wonderful little parade, and I’m so glad to live in this wonderful little community.

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