“The Friends” Get a Bath

My kiddos are crazy for stuffed animals. They call them “The Friends,” and each one has a unique name that Eric & Anna somehow keep track of. I don’t know how they do it.

The Friends are unwitting piano “recital” audiences, fashion show participants & Front Row Girls, they ride scooters outside, they populate the beds, and even join us at dinner sometimes. Occasionally, Just Jack gets a hold of one, and slobbers it near to death or removes it’s little eyeballs. Not sure why, but dogs are weird.

In any case, The Friends get a little dirty from time to time, and need to be cleaned.

The kids are at my parents place this weekend, and REMARKABLY, the laundry pile was non-existent (I KNOW – RIGHT???), so I decided to give The Friends a bath.

Look how dirty those guys are!

It’s easy to wash most stuffed animals. You just put them in the washing machine on the delicates/gentle cycle using only cold water.

Don’t they look rather worried?

That picture totally cracks me up. I swear the stuffed animals look worried. Don’t you think?

After the wash cycle, put all the soggy pets on towels and let them dry. This could take a whole day, or even up to two days, depending on the density of the animal.

When they’re wet, the fur looks all clumpy.

Once the stuffed buddies are dry, just run your hands over the fur, and they fluff right up.

Look how fluffy and clean she is now!

Just never never never put stuffed animals in the dryer. It fries their fur, even if you use low heat. Just don’t do. We have a crunchy stuffed rodent that will never be the same because I accidentally put it in the dryer. To be perfectly honest, it’s a beaver. But I had to stop myself from typing “crunchy stuffed beaver” just now.  I know.



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