What 7-year-old Anna Wants for Christmas

This is not a sponsored post, these are just the things that Anna wants and/or the things we got her for Christmas. Gift guides by bloggers typically are products that have been sent to the blogger for review. Not so in this case, although that would have saved me some money, right?

Just Dance for the xbox (Disney version, of course)

She is so in to music, so this didn’t surprise me at all!

She is also really hot for a guitar – ever since our 2-week long camping trip, when we decided we should learn campfire songs.

1/2 size classic guitar

Since she is so in to art, we got her a little paint-by-number set. I have a feeling she will abandon the numbers early-on and just paint her own thing because she always wants to do her own thing!

Lately I’ve been noticing that the girl is really into nurturing things. She wraps up her white plush bunny in a blanket and carries it around, which seems pretty normal, right? But at Halloween, she was doing the same to her pumpkin. She refused to carve it, calling it “Pumpky,” and cradling it like a baby. I thought, “This girl needs a doll!” I organized a mini blogger trip up to Seattle to the American Girl store (more on that later), and I bought the doll for her for Christmas.

I love that you can choose the features and hair color. I started with blue eyes like Anna, then chose the hair that was closest to hers.

Anna's new My American Girl


Finally, we chose one present for each kid from Santa (plus little stocking stuffers, of course). The kids both wanted these  Stompeez slippers. I have a feeling they will drive me crazy, but it seemed like a good Santa present.


Stompeez Pink Puppy


We are rounding it out with a few books and stocking stuffers. We are trying to walk that balance of the kids having a sense of magic and fun in opening presents and not wanting them to have too much stuff.

So that’s it! My non-sponsored, just-the-facts 7-year-old girl gift guide!


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