Mamavation Monday {March 11}

The kids and I met up with Jeanie for the Mamavation “Virtual” 5K on Saturday. Hundreds of mamas and their families all ran or walked a 5k this weekend, and tweeted about it with the hashtag #mamavation5K. Now, I run a 5k 3-5 times a week on normal weeks, but this was all about doing it as part of the Mamavation community. And more importantly, about meeting up with my sister in law!

Since we were walking, I made the kids come with us. They did pretty well, and it was a gloriously sunny day. What a great way to spend a Saturday – getting exercise and being with family!

Here are some pics from our walk around the Willamette River. We started on the Eastbank Esplanade, crossed the Hawthorne Bridge to Waterfront Park, down to the Steel Bridge, then back to the car.

2013.3.09_M5k_AnnaPose1 #mamavation5k ©mostlymommyhood

Anna wanted to pose with her city as we got started!


Kids getting started on the #mamavation5k @Mostlymommyhood

Kids getting started on the #mamavation5k

Kids on the gorgeous Eastbank Esplanade doing the the #mamavation5k @Mostlymommyhood

Kids on the gorgeous Eastbank Esplanade

Crossing the Hawthorne Bridge during the #mamavation5k

Crossing the Hawthorne Bridge: Eric, Brooke, Jeanie & Anna.


Waterfront Park


Eric, Anna & I after our #mamavation5k

Anna's big finish #mamavation5k

Anna’s big finish!

Portland is such a great town for outdoor fitness! I love running this particular route, and it was fun to walk it with the kids, Jeanie, and her friend Brooke. I just wish we had taken a group shot of all of us. Next time!


This week, I’m planning to only run three times in the morning, because I’m running the 15k Shamrock Run on Sunday. I’m not quite at the level of running 5x a week, then doing a long run. I did that a few weeks ago, and I was sore for the whole week after that. Not muscle-sore, but joint sore. I would like to avoid that this week!

Have a great week, and stay fit!



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