No Running: Week 2

I had a disturbing realization… up until I sprained my ankle last week, I was running between 14-20 miles a week and maintaining my weight. That part is not disturbing, that part is fine. I mean, ideally I’d like to lose 20 lbs, but I’m not stressing on losing it at this time in my life.

But that means I was eating exactly enough calories to balance the exercise I was doing.

Here’s the disturbing part: now that I’m not running, I had better drastically cut my caloric intake or I will definitely be gaining weight.


Time to dust off MyFitnessPal to log my intake, and re-acquaint myself with the anti-inflammation diet. I might even need to join Weight Watchers for the time being to make sure I don’t gain weight.  IDK. I’m for sure logging my food on the Mamavation forums, because it’s a great, supportive community.

On the bright side, I think it’s good to refocus my energy on my food. We eat pretty cleanly already – meaning we eat real, whole foods, as organic as possible, with minimal processing. But we can always do better, and I know we rely on some empty-calorie standbys like pasta and bread.

And… the anti-inflammation diet will also help my ankle heal. Maybe it will even help with the constant colds the four of us have been battling on and off since New Year’s Day. It can’t hurt!

For exercise, I’ve been using my Hoopnotica hula hoop that I got at Fitcation. It is so much fun, it hardly feels like exercise at all, but I can feel it in my abs later – that’s for sure!

Send me healing thoughts, please!

~KristaMamavation Monday

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