A Table Runner made from Cloth Napkins

Cloth napkins from World Market

I am kind of into mismatched cloth napkins.  There is something so charming and casual about entertaining with a set of cute and colorful napkins that match, but don’t match.  Everyone gets to use one that is unique, and it just feels special.

Anyway, I ran across a flash sale several months ago and stocked up on a bunch of cloth napkins from one of my favorite napkin sources, World Market.  I was so excited about them, but soon realized I had way too many of them!  I gave some away as gifts, and then thought, well, if they are great for the table, why not make a table runner out of them?

So, I did.  Here is the result:

Table Runner made from cloth napkins

It is made using a pattern called the disappearing nine-patch.  I love the asymmetrical look of this pattern, and use it a lot for runners I sell in my Etsy shop.  This runner is available in my shop here.

I love finding creative inspiration in unexpected places.



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