Miss Hunt Totally Rocks First Grade

Anna’s first grade teacher has been awesome.

She seems to get Anna. Anna is a weird kid – let’s face it. Don’t get me wrong, I love that she’s not mainstream. She is often caught up in her own world, and she just isn’t like the other kids. But Miss Hunt seems to appreciate Anna’s quirkiness. At least, she doesn’t let it show if she doesn’t. The important thing is, Anna has THRIVED in Miss Hunt’s class.

Anna with Miss Hunt on the first day of 1st Grade ©MostlyMommyhood.com

Anna with Miss Hunt on the first day of 1st Grade

In Kindergarten, Anna seemed to just give up around spring break. She didn’t like the repetitive classwork, so she wouldn’t do it. I suggested to her teacher that maybe she needed more of a challenge, and you know what her teacher said? IN FRONT OF ANNA? “She just doesn’t have a strong work ethic.”

WHAT? Clearly, that teacher did not “get” Anna. Anna, who will spend hours mastering a cartwheel or perfecting a painting. Anna, who had blisters on her hands from dedicating herself to mastering the monkey bars. Anna, who makes lists for everything and invents games for her friends to play. If Anna wants to do something, she will not rest until she does it the way she wants to do it.

This year, we’ve been so happy with her progress, her love of reading, and how she applies herself to learning. Having a good teacher will do that!

I’ve been in class a few times, and I’ve actually learned a few tricks from Miss Hunt about maintaining order and getting kids’ attention. She is stern with the kids, but not at all cold. I think she’s awesome, and so does Anna. Brian has volunteered in class nearly every week, and he feels the same.

I have to admit, I also appreciate a woman who wears high heels and loves fashion.

So… Miss Hunt, I salute you. Thank you for being a good model for my daughter, and thank you for guiding her (and us!) through first grade. I am grateful for you!


First Grader Anna ©MostlyMommyhood

First Grader Anna. When I asked her to try on this top, she said, “Why wouldn’t I? It’s already cute, and it doesn’t even have a person inside it!”

Move Up Day at Beverly Cleary ©MostlyMommyhood.com

Anna and her First Grade class, “Moving Up” to Fernwood to meet their Second Grade teachers

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