The Delivery Man – exclusive trailer! #DeliveryManMovie

I will see any movie that Vince Vaughn is in. The guy has a self-deprecating charm that I love, and he is just so funny. I saw him in Vegas one time, trying his best to stroll through Caesar’s Palace. He was surrounded by people trying to touch him and take his picture. He never stopped moving, but he also never stopped smiling. I’ve never quite understood the desire to meet celebrities, so I didn’t even try to get close. But I was struck by his good nature – and his height! He’s so tall! Anyway, his new movie is called “Delivery Man,” and in it he is a lost soul who can’t quite make his life work – at least, not to others’ expectations. He finds out that he has 533 offspring due to some rather prolific sperm bank donations. It looks sweet and hilarious, just like I imagine Vince Vaughn must be in real life!
DeliverManHere… just for you, dear readers, is an exclusive trailer of Delivery Man, which will be out in theaters in November of 2013:

Disney’s Delivery Man will be in theaters November 22. Let me know if you plan to go!


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I am one of 533 bloggers chosen to release this exclusive trailer – in homage to the 533 offspring! Fun, right?

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