Disney Parks Update: Tips for Maximizing a Trip to Disneyland #disneysmmoms

I love Disneyland! I went there a lot in college with Jeni & Dayl and our other friends. I have fond memories there, but my best Disneyland memory was with Brian.

We had determined that YES, we wanted to get married, but he really wanted to propose “When it’s the right time.” I had been waiting (not too patiently) for more than a year for him to find the right time. While I was fretting about it, I thought – wait a minute! Why do I have to wait for HIM to propose? I should propose to him instead! But then I realized that he really needed to get to that place himself. So I determined to get a ring, and after he proposed and I accepted, I would turn around and propose right back to him. This plan satisfied my need to not just be a passive proposee. So I measured his finger while he slept, and had a gold band fitted. I then carried that ring with me to the beach for a romantic stroll. On a camping trip. To dinner at a fabulous restaurant. To the end of the Santa Monica Pier at Sunset. TO THE TOP OF FREAKING MOUNT SAINT HELENS! None of those romantic or awesome moments turned out to be the right time, I guess.

So finally, we were heading to Disneyland – just the two of us. I left the ring locked up in the hotel room, because I knew we were going on rides and I didn’t want to lose it.

So OF COURSE he proposed when I least expected it! After a long, fun day in the park, we were wending our way slowly toward the castle, then exit. By the wishing well, with the castle all lit up in brilliant little white lights (it was just after Thanksgiving, so all the holiday lights were on!), we could hear the little recorded voice singing, “I’m wishing…” Brian got down on one knee, and said, “I’m wishing that you will marry me!”

You see why Disneyland holds such a special place in my heart? Of course, I had to wait until we got back to the hotel to give him his ring and propose right back! Oh well. Sometimes you just can’t control everything. :)

So… back to present day. While at the Seattle version of Disney Social Media Moms “On The Road,” I learned some great tips for maximizing our next trip to Disneyland, along with the inspiring stories of some fabulous mom entrepreneurs.

HELPFUL DISNEYLAND TIPS for maximizing your time:

1. Read up on the Disney Parks Blog leading up to your trip.

The blog is Disney’s easy-access way to give us information about new attractions, and includes a variety of fun facts about what goes on behind the scenes to make everything possible.

For example, the kids will be excited to see the limited-time Mickey and the Magical Map this summer, but I was intrigued to learn that the Map is a 1-million-pixel screen! Disney Parks Blog is full of that kind of interesting info that will make your visit even more meaningful. At least, if you are a nerd like me who enjoys knowing the back-story!

And if after your trip, there was some amazing food you can’t get out of your head, check the blog – they often post recipes of popular food items.

3. While at the park, follow  @disneylandtoday on Twitter. That account is staffed all day every day,  with helpful folks tweeting out info and replying to your questions to make the most of your visit. You can get updates at the Disneyland Today Facebook page, but I don’t see as many people posting questions there.

3. Don’t miss the limited-run “Mickey and the Magical Map” this summer! As I mentioned above, the giant screen has a million pixels. It is huge and brilliant! In the production, which includes 50 live cast members as well as animations, Mickey interacts with the map and at one point even falls in the map.

Mickey and the Magical Map at Disneyland © Disney Parks Blog

Mickey and the Magical Map at Disneyland © Disney Parks Blog

4. Find the social media outlet that works best for you, and follow it and interact in advance of your trip. Or, if you are like me, follow them all! Like the Parks Blog, the social media channels provide helpful information and background, just in smaller snippets. Here is a quick list of links for you:

Disneyland: @Disneyland, covering Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure Park, Downtown Disney and Disneyland Resort Hotels.

Disney’s California Adventure: @DCAToday

Downtown Disney: @DisneylandDTD, Downtown Disney is full of shops, restaurants, and even attractions. It’s a fun way to have a Disney experience without even being in the parks. We planned an extra day on to the beginning of our last trip so we could get the kids settled, and just spent the day exploring Downtown Disney. It was a good intro to the parks experience for them. Follow this Twitter handle for specials, appearances, and other updates from Downtown Disney at Disneyland.

DisneyParks for videos of the attractions. This is great for getting a flavor of the parades and shows so you can plan your visit.

Disneyland Resort, covering park updates, news, and special backstage info.

Disneyland Today, the official in-park Facebook page with live updates from the park and answers to your questions from inside the park.

Downtown Disney, like the Twitter feed, full of updates, schedules and specials at Downtown Disney, adjacent to Disneyland Resort & California Adventure.

Walt Disney World has Pinterest boards. No Disneyland Pinterest as of now (2013).

Disneyland, showing some of their favorite guest instagrams from the park. Be sure to tag your photos #Disneyland! Brian and I had someone take our picture in front of the castle right after we got engaged, but I can’t find that thing anywhere. Of course, that was when we used actual film. Horrors.

I can only imagine what it would have been like if all this social media was in place way back in 1999 when Brian and I got engaged at Disneyland. But I can’t wait to go back again and share it with the kids!


Disclosure: I was invited to attend the Disney Social Media Moms “On the Road” in Seattle. I was provided a meal and some swag. I was not asked to write about anything, but I was given this information which I am happy to share with you!


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