Disney Planes – New Clips Available!

Disney PLANES movie poster movie preview clipsEric is soooo excited about the new Disney Planes movie. He was OB. SESSED. with Cars 2, and we all loved the teasers for planes on the Cars 2 DVD.

I loved the original Cars movie because it was completely innocuous. No villains, no violence. The antagonist was the hero’s own ego, not some scary villain. Cars 2 was a little violent for my taste, but Eric LOVED it. Planes looks sweet and fun – the protagonist is an underdog trying to prove himself. It has all the beautiful animation of Cars, but in the air!  Coming from a family of airplane buffs as I did, I know my own brood will dig this.

Here are a few new clips to get you excited about the movie:

Need more Planes?

Disney’s PLANES flies into theaters everywhere on August 9th!


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