Mostly Annahood Debut: review of “Bitty Baby and Me”

American Girl is introducing their line of newly-enhanced “Bitty Baby” dolls on August 27, and to help launch the doll line, they sent us a copy of a new book called, “Bitty Baby and Me.” We got this package in the mail yesterday, and by the time I got home today, Anna had read it twice!

Instead of me writing a review of the book, I thought maybe Anna should do it. She got pretty excited, and asked if she could have a section of the blog to write reviews. I’m all for it!

So here we launch “Mostly Annahood,” where my darling daughter will share her opinions on whatever she feels like.

The lighting could be a lot better, but I wanted to capture this while she was feeling inspired to do it. :)


~Krista (and Anna!)

Disclosure: we received a review copy of “Bitty Baby and Me,” one of a series of Bitty Baby books exploring the fantasy world of little girls and their dolls. All opinions expressed here belong solely to Miss Anna.

More Bitty Baby goodness (geared to girls ages 3-5) will be available on the American Girl website after August 27, including contests, information about free in-store events, and online content.


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