Suddenly Allergic to Grant Park?

The weirdest thing happened to my baby boy yesterday. OK, he’s not a baby, but he’s MY baby. While playing in the park, he developed a weird rash on his face. By the time they got home, it was on his forearms, legs (around his knees), and all over his face – mostly his chin and jaw line.

The rash looked like a bunch of white blisters, and didn’t itch too badly, except his arms. They itched quite a bit, he said. It started with just a few on his face:


but it quickly spread:1048418_10153740256160532_55574389_o 1506379_10153740256170532_1973662456_o

I immediately worried that he had Scarlet Fever, because like a dummy I looked on WebMD. He had complained that his throat felt “funny” a few days ago, so I assumed the worst.

Brian called the advice nurse at Kaiser, who seemed wholly unconcerned. “If the rash lasts more than a week, we should look at it.”

A week? For my baby covered in scary rash?

Brian was going to give him Benadryl, but about 90% of it had cleared right up before he even got the Benedryl out of the cupboard.

But then today, it happened again. This time, they were just walking through the park. Look at my baby! It cleared up again after about an hour.


We are in that park all the time, and this has never happened before. But how weird that it happened two days in a row, right?

The soonest we could get an appointment with the pediatrician is a week from Friday, but I don’t know what they could do or know unless the outbreak is happening while he is there.

Has anyone else heard of this happening lately? Did some crazy scary toxic spill happen that is making my boy allergic to the park??



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