Gymnastic-Anna at The Children’s Gym

Gymnastics has been SO GREAT for Anna! We started her at The Children’s Gym when she was just a year old. She had so much fun tumbling and playing. The baby and toddler classes get kids moving and social, and it’s just a great time for them and the parents as well.

She’s been doing gymnastics again for the last 2 years, and it’s wonderful to see how she is learning to control her body and listen to instructions.

The Children’s Gym is a great place. The coaches are super nurturing, they know how to manage kids effectively, and the classes are both strenuous and fun.

Anna demonstrating her flexibility at The Children's GymLet’s see…

Exercise? Check.

Discipline? Check.

Nurturing environment? Check!

Speaking of nurturing, I love their statement about their philosophy – which is totally supported by the actions of the staff:

We believe the path to learning is lit by teachers who know where to shine the light. Our teachers infuse safety with creativity, respect with love, and clear expectations with consequential discipline. Unlike competitive programs that focus on skill level alone, our focus is to build self-esteem and encourage positive group interactions. Students are not competing with each other, but are striving for self-improvement. Our classes are small in order to achieve this goal.

We signed both kids up for the sports camp – a week-long day camp – last summer, and we were amazed at how tired and proud the kids were at the end of each day.

You can check out their classes and programs here. They also do dance classes, birthday parties, and the occasional “Parents Night Out.” Registration is now open for Spring Break sports and dance camps, too.

We feel like part of the family at The Children’s Gym, and we are so thrilled with Anna’s progress here!


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