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I decided to make a pine cone wreath today because I found a bunch of pine cones at the park with my Daddy last night.

MostlyAnnahoodMy mama and I were going to make one this winter and we never did it.

Here are the things to do:

Get your pine cones. I had 43 pine cones to start, and I had some left over.

I used a tortilla-warmer lid to make a circle out of cardboard.

Use school  glue to glue the pine cones on in a pattern that you like. I chose an out and in pattern.


My Mama thought I should cover the whole cardboard, so I cut some leaf shapes out of paper and glued them on, too.

I then made a card and delivered the wreath to my friends, the Morenos.



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  1. Mary Moreno March 9, 2014

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