Piattino: pre-Theatre Dinner in the Pearl

My girlfriends and I are at Piattino before a show at Portland Center Stage. It’s only a block away from The Armory, the home of Portland Center Stage, so it’s a great location for gathering. This location has been a few different restaurants of late, but Piattino is pretty new.

We assumed that being this close to the theatre they would understand the pre-show rush and the need to get us out on time. But our service got off to a rough start – they didn’t seem prepared for a full dining room at all, and our server seemed surprised that we needed to get somewhere by a certain time. But once the food started coming out, we were blown away. It was all so delicious, and there were some brilliant combinations. The owner himself came out to help “save” our table, and save it he did. He got everything out to us, and we made it on time to our show.

We did offer up a bit of advice: keep track of the Portland Center Stage schedule, and be prepared for pre-theatre diners!

Here is a sampling of what we had at Piattino.

della terra pizza

della terra pizza: mushrooms, braised leeks and truffle oil. This pizza sounded so good, and it was. I ordered this as my entree. It was $15, and it could have fed 3-4 people. I shared with several people and still took 2 pieces home.



Kale salad with eggplant crostini. This salad was so delicious – the kale was the perfect crunchy freshness, the eggplant was fried crispy but creamy on the inside. The dressing was perfectly balanced.



Roasted cauliflower with Mama Lil’s peppers. I just love roasted veggies, and this cauliflower was perfect. The roasted nuttiness was lovely balanced with the peppers.


Meatballs with polenta at Piattino

Meatballs with Polenta. Oh my goodness this was good!

Pesto fettuccini with a poached egg

Pistachio pesto Fettuccini with a poached egg. I didn’t taste this, but it looked good and got good reviews from my friends.

I completely neglected to take pictures of the interior of the restaurant. I’ll get it next time! It was warm and inviting and comfortable. I did manage to get the menu, however:

Piattino menuI’m sure I’ll go back, as it’s not only a great location, but the food is so delicious!


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