Just Another Sunday in PDX

My kids and I are so much happier with each other when we have activities to do on the weekends. The days that we end up spending the whole day at home are the days that we drive each other crazy. I always think those days will be productive with housecleaning and blogging and homework, but it never quite works out that way.

So I decided it’s more important to be outside DOING something than being inside TRYING to do something.

Saturday we took a nature hike at Canemah Bluff Natural Area, and Sunday we headed downtown. Our favorite bookstore, Powell’s City of Books, was having a friends & family sale, and instead of driving down there, I thought a light-rail adventure would be more fun.

We walked the 7 or so blocks to the MAX station, talking about the flowers springing up and generally just enjoying being outside together.

We had a good discussion about MAX safety while we waited for our train to come, and on the train I tried to remind them of places they had been before along the route. It’s important to me that they feel like this is their town.

On the MAX, not sure why they decided to wear cowboy hats!

IMG_1015 IMG_1022

We got off the MAX at SW 10th Avenue, and walked a short block down to a Portland Streetcar stop. We could have easily walked the 4-5 blocks or so to our destination, but it was more fun to take the streetcar.

lunch at Sushiland on SW 10th & Davis

After lunch at Sushiland (the kids’ favorite), we hit Powell’s. Our tradition at Powell’s is to find books in the kids section (Rose Room) and settle in at the little tables to read for a while with hot chocolate from the cafe.

IMG_1040 IMG_1031After selecting our books to purchase, we took our time wandering the Pearl District on our way to a Streetcar stop. We rode the streetcar all the way back by Lloyd Center where we caught the MAX again. The streetcar does a big loop now, and goes all the way from downtown over to OMSI on the east side. This was my first time riding it more than just a few blocks downtown.

The kids had a great time on the streetcar, and because the cars are small enough, I felt comfortable letting Eric go to the front by himself. I try to let my kids have as much independence as I can, and since it seemed important to him to sit up by himself, I was happy that he could. I wouldn’t feel comfortable having that much space between us on the lightrail, but it felt manageable on the streetcar.

Eric, independently riding the Portland Streetcar

IMG_1063We all had a great day, and it was so simple. But I love being able to look back on our weekend knowing we DID something, even if it was simple, and know that we had a great time together. So much better than screaming at them to clean their room.


All-day MAX ticket for the kids were $3.30 each, which also covers the Portland Streetcar.

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