Camping at Ainsworth State Park

The kids and I met Dayl and Zephyr for a night of camping at Ainsworth State Park. We had so much fun! Camping is a lot of work for one night, but it was totally worth it to have some time out in nature with some of our favorite people.
We chose one of the 5 walk-in camping sites. The rest were all RV hookups, and very close to each other. While the walk-in sites involved schlepping our gear about 150′ or so, it was so nice to be surrounded by trees. We could see the folks at the other sites, but we weren’t on top of each other, which we appreciated.

Ainsworth State Park in Oregon: walk-in campsites ©mostlymommyhood

Our lovely, mostly-secluded campsite, nestled in the trees.


the kiddos wrote observations in their journals while eating breakfast.


puppet show from the tent

Kids love playing in the tent, and while Dayl & I were chatting outside, the kids put on a “puppet” show for us with their stuffed animals and Anna’s American Girl doll. Resourceful!



Why NOT have beautiful flowers on the table when camping?

IMG_4335I discovered a new twist to my Epic S’mores – Trader Joe’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups!IMG_4328 IMG_4323 IMG_4313Roasting marshmallows in your jammies is THE BEST!


We missed having Brian with us, so Anna wanted to take a picture to say, “I love you,” to send to him

Ainsworth State Park is nestled in the Columbia River Gorge, at the east end of the Old Gorge Highway. Heading east from Portland, it’s the first exit after Multnomah Falls. There are lovely trails all around the campground, and easy access to amazing waterfalls and stunning views. It’s very close to one of our favorite kid hikes in the Gorge, Horsetail Falls. We didn’t make it to Horsetail falls on this trip, but we did a nice loop through the woods.


Zephyr found this heart-shaped leaf and gave it to his mama, saying, “I found something special for you.” #melting


Sorel has a lemony tang and is fun to pick and eat along the path. It’s nice to chew on when you are thirsty.

structure along the Ainsworth Loop Trail in Ainsworth State Park in Oregon's Columbia River Gorge

Not sure what this structure is all about, but Anna was very intrigued by it.

IMG_4395Bonus to hiking here: lemon-y Sorel to pick and eat along the path! IMG_4391 IMG_4383

hiking at Ainsworth State Park in Oregon's scenic Columbia River Gorge ©mostlymommyhood IMG_4411 IMG_4415 IMG_4420 IMG_4423 IMG_4428 IMG_4452We took the Ainsworth Loop Trail up to Gorge Trail #400, east back to the service road, and then down to the campground. It took just about an hour (with three kiddos), and we stopped for snacks at the top, where the Ainsworth Loop Trail meets #400.

Back in the campground, we stopped for a game of horse-shoes, then the kids played hide & seek around the little theater. It’s a cute little campground, and perfect for meeting Dayl & Zephyr, as it’s about half-way between us.

If you go: the camping spots are all first-come, first-serve. There are only a few of the walk-in sites. The tent sites cost $17 a night – worth it since it’s an easy walk to bathrooms and showers, and there is running water right at the parking area. Extra vehicles are $7 each.

We’ll be exploring more of the campgrounds right around us as the summer goes on – stay tuned for more of adventures in our “Summer of Fun” around Oregon!


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