Kids Pokemon #CosPlay: beats the screen

Do you ever get so sick of the kids repeatedly asking to watch a show? “Asked and answered, guys. Leave me alone!” Is my answer. “Objection, your Honor– badgering the witness!”

I’ve found once you start the screen time, it’s really hard to turn it off– so I prefer to just not turn it on!

Today, mine were bugging me to watch Pokemon. Told them they could either do homework (summer “bridge” books), read, or do something creative. Together, they decided on characters and designed their own Pokemon costumes!
Anna even sewed her arm bands a
d put on some costume makeup.
Eric is “Minchito,” all grey, and Anna is “Snivey,” who is green, yellow and white.






I totally feel like this is a parenting WIN, even though they completely came up with it all on their own. I just gave them permission to be creative and denied them the TV! It kept them occupied for a few hours, too. WIN!

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