Camping and Playing at Trillium Lake

We have the great fortune of a tremendous variety of wilderness adventures so close to us!
Brian and the kids went up to Trillium Lake on Wednesday to find us a camping spot. All of the reserved spots have been taken for months, but each of the lake campgrounds around Mt. Hood has a small section of “First-come first-serve” spots. When they arrived Wednesday afternoon, they were the only ones there. By Thursday morning, all of the spots were taken!
I joined them Thursday evening, and Dayl & Zephyr came Friday evening. Brian has to work weekends, so it was just the mamas and kids (and Jack) and we had a wonderful adventure!
Eric found a piece of a bee hive.
Our campsite was so huge and secluded!
Mid-day on Friday, hardly any people around the lake. 20140804-080052.jpg
Mid-day on Saturday was quite a different story!
About 1:00, the chaos reached a level of crazy that sent us happily to retreat in our forest seclusion.
Jack was SUCH a good dog! There were a lot of dogs off-leash, but Jack stayed calm, and was fine sticking close to me and the kids the whole time.
Zephyr and Eric building a “hotel” for an inchworm.
We returned to the lake late each afternoon for swimming without the crowds. I love the golden glorious glow of the sunset on the kids! 20140804-082530.jpg20140804-082710.jpg20140804-082837.jpg20140804-082945.jpg
I love camping, especially with Dayl! Although, truth be told (and this has been true since we were 12), I enjoy just about anything if I’m doing it with Dayl!

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