Summer Nature Adventure: Oneonta Gorge

We had a fun adventure in the Columbia River Gorge today. I wanted to take the kids through Oneonta Gorge, one of my favorite places on the planet, but Jack didn’t feel comfortable with the big obstacle so we didn’t get very far. You have to climb over these giant rocks and all these fallen logs in order to get to the gorge part and the fun swimming. Jack jumped up on the first rock like a champ, but then refused to go any further.
We still had a blast, swimming around, climbing on rocks, climbing on logs, and then we spent most of the rest of the day underneath the bridge and downstream.


The initial staircase down into Oneonta Gorge

The initial staircase down into Oneonta Gorge


Cluster of people at Oneonta Gorge, waiting to traverse the first big obstacle.

Look at all those people waiting to traverse the big rocks!

Anna perching on a rock at Oneonta Gorge

I lost Anna for a while, then found that she was perching on a rock. You know, like Anna does. I love this picture!

Initial rock obstacle at Oneonta Gorge

Cluster. Jack thought that whole situation was whack.







under the bridge at Oneonta Gorge

There was hardly anyone under the bridge or downstream, so we headed there for some fun play time.


We followed the stream all the way down to these small tunnels that went underneath the freeway. We went about halfway through, then Jack decided we shouldn’t go any farther. I tend to listen to the dog.





What would a summer nature adventure be without picking blackberries?



This section had the best swimming by far – it gets pretty deep right by the wall. Those two guys in the background were very interested in Jack, but he let them know pretty clearly that he didn’t want to be buddies. Jack was a well-behaved champ all day, but he didn’t let any men pet him.




Clearly I need to take the kids back to Oneonta Gorge without the dog in order to traverse the rocks, and on a weekday, to avoid the huge crowds, but we still had a really great day.

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