Our Commercial Debut(s)

The kids and I have been asked to be in a couple of local tv commercials, and it’s been so much fun!

Eric in particular gets recognized by people in our community, and I think he likes it.

Here’s the first one, that we did for the Royal Moore Toyota car dealership:

This commercial was shown locally a LOT during World Cup soccer, so I heard from a lot of people about it!

The next one we shot with Fox 12 Oregon for their 10:00 news promo. The kids and I are in the first few seconds of the spot. They loved filming this one much more than the car commercial, because they got to run and pretend to run in to me! Much more exciting than sitting in the back of a car and trying to look concerned. Anna is not very good at pretending to be something she is not, so she didn’t quite make the cut in the car commercial!

We’ve had a lot of fun doing these! I think I need to get Eric in to modeling — what do you think?

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