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I’m all about customization. It’s the mild-mannered rebel in me that switches pen tops and affixes blingy crystal stickers to my computer. In 1989 when Dayl and I bought our Rollerblades (Rollerblades!), I bought neon yellow rollerblades, but changed out the laces to be neon pink. Because having Rollerblades wasn’t different enough, I wanted mine to be unique to me.

As soon as I heard about Capsole, I knew I needed them. Capsole is a freshly-invented way to customize your Converse, with interchangeable colored eyelet-covers. My neighbors are involved in the design, so I got a heads-up about the product early.

I’m predicting that this will be the new rainbows & unicorns shoelaces, the new silly bands, the new friendship bracelet.

It’s in the Kickstarter campaign mode right now, trying to get the funding needed to go in to production.

Check it out:

I signed on to get the “exclusive gold chrome” set, available only to Kickstarter backers. But that is just for me. I know I need to also get these for the kids, because… MINECRAFT.

Capsole's "Kickstarter Camo" looks like Minecraft

Eric is thrilled. Speaking of Eric, these are my boy’s feet in red Chucks, modeling for Capsole:

Capsole's Facebook Post featuring my boy's feet

He’s such a natural model, right?




I love this photo of Eric and his friend Boris trading the Capsoles – because you KNOW that is what they kids will be doing with these.

So… What do you think of this cool way to customize your kicks?

Stop by the Kickstarter campaign to pledge your support, and secure a few sets for you and your kiddos!






Disclosure: Not needed! I’m supporting this product because my friends are involved, and because I think it’s cool.

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