Mushroom Hunting

Rule #1 for traipsing through the woods with kids in autumn: bright colors.

It’s hunting season around here, and since the mushrooms are most likely to be found OFF the beaten path, it seemed wise to put the kids in safety colors.


It was so beautiful to be on a trek in the woods, and finding just enough chanterelle mushrooms for dinner was a lovely bonus! We were hoping for more, of course, but how can you be disappointed after an afternoon in the forest?

IMG_0088 IMG_0087 IMG_0081 IMG_0075

A beloved chanterelle! Have you ever had the experience of doing  a word-search, and you keep finding most of the word, but not quite the right word? That’s how I felt looking for chanterelle mushrooms. I kept seeing leaves of the either the right color, or bent up in just the right way to look like a chanterelle – but we found very few actual treasures.IMG_0074

Eric found the first one!
IMG_0027_2 IMG_0058 IMG_0051In retrospect, we should have brought more snacks for the kids, as they all three lost their will to move their limbs on the way back to the car. But it was still a great time, and we sautéed up our findings for dinner.


We made a simple pizza for the kiddos, with prepared whole wheat pizza dough from Trader Joe’s, fresh mozzarella, parmesan and white cheddar. For our pizza, we made a garlic cream sauce in the same pan that the shrooms had been sautéed in, added some mozzarella and the chanterelles, then a little gorgonzola and spinach. So good. I neglected to take any pictures of it, though, because we ate it too quickly.



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