Holiday Tradition #1: Annual Swarovski Ornament

One of my holiday traditions is buying the annual Swarovski crystal snowflake ornament for my tree. I bought my first one in 2001, the year Brian and I got married. I love getting them out each holiday season and hanging them on my tree. The kids like to see the snowflakes from their birth years, which makes me regret not buying an extra those years so they could have it! Maybe someday I’ll go back and buy more of the 2005 and 2007 editions for them.

Swarovski 2014 crystal snowflake ornament {affiliate link}
In the meantime, though, I just bought the 2014 snowflake! I used to enjoy going in to the store downtown to purchase my ornament, but then Dayl discovered that you can buy them for a bit of a discount on Amazon. The retail price is $75, but I just bought it on Amazon for just under $60. And it’s Prime, so I got free shipping! It’s supposed to arrive in 2 days, so I’m pretty excited. We don’t have our Christmas tree yet, because Anna wants us to get it for her birthday (I know, she’s weird), but the ornament will be waiting when we do.

I think this year is really pretty. I tend to prefer the more star-like snowflakes, but I like the simplicity of this. I have a feeling these snowflake ornaments will be extra popular this year because of the continuing popularity of Disney’s Frozen.

In fact, I swear the Snow Queen on Once Upon a Time is wearing a Swarovski crystal snowflake as a necklace:

Elizabeth Mitchell as the Snow Queen in the TV show Once Upon a Time


Buy the ornament here: Swarovski Annual Edition 2014 Crystal Snowflake Ornament

{Affiliate link: if you click through that link and purchase the ornament, Amazon will give me a few pennies. It’s not much, but over time all the pennies add up to help off-set the costs of this blog.}

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