Our New Year’s Eve Beach Trip #MostlyAnnahood

Anna’s account of our trip to the beach over the week of New Year’s Eve:

(Editor’s note: I added a bit of punctuation, the photos curated by Anna and the hyperlink, but otherwise this is all her)


The big blue house

The big blue house

Every year we go on a trip for new years. this year we stayed in a big blue house in Lincoln City. The house was located a few stairways and two walks from the beach. It was sad to not be able to see the ocean, but I had fun anyway. There was a park across the street, and there were really dangerous monkey bars. I didn’t even try them because they were so up high and kind of slippery.

The park

The park

Here i am in my favorite reading chair.

Here i am in my favorite reading chair.

Us kids really liked the hot tub.

Us kids really liked the hot tub.


Me and Gaby drinking Bloody Mary's with Jo alcohol of course

The beach. There was a walk, then a lot of stairs up, then a walk, then a lot of stairs down.


Me and Gaby drinking Bloody Mary’s with no alcohol of course

The kids all slept on the third floor, but on New Year’s Eve there was arguing. So I plucked myself out of the arguing and slept in my parents room. All the parents slept in three bedrooms on the second floor, and all seven kids slept in a big open room on the third floor. The bottom floor was where we got food, ate, did crafts, played games, watched movies and hung out together.

The games and crafts we did were spyrograph, friendship bracelets, Connect Four and reading. We played Twister up on the kid floor.

On the first night, we wanted to go to sleep but we couldn’t. The second night was New Year’s Eve, and the plan was to stay up all night, but we couldn’t.

On New Year’s Eve, we had a fire on the beach.

bonfire on the beachThen, before we went to bed, we counted down the New Year and banged pots and pans and did a loud parade around the park and saw some people having a camp fire in the park.  They said we weren’t loud enough, and we banged as hard as we could.


The next day, we drove to Depoe Bay, got on a boat, and went whale watching. The only thing we really saw was tails, maybe backs, and shoots of water. But it was awesome anyway. I was on the front of the boat, looking at the water that we were about to go in to, and there were splashes of water that were cool. Looking at the drops of water from the front made me feel weird, so I sat down for a while. Then I went back to the very front of the boat. The drops of water were interesting because it was like the boat was making them shoot out like really really heavy bullets coming out of the water.

My mama wanted to take pictures of the drops of water, I told her not to drop her phone in the ocean! Luckily, she didn’t, so we have these pictures of what I was looking at from the front of the boat.


Here is me looking over the front of the boat.

Drops of water from the front of the boat

Drops of water from the front of the boat



We saw a lot of shoots of water from the whales, but we didn’t see a whole lot of actual whale bodies.


This is my friend Mady.


There is a whale tail way out there.

Mady & Anna on the boat

Here is me and my friend Sofia.


This is me and my brother Eric when we first got on the boat.


After the boat trip, we saw sea lions in Newport.

watching the sea lions in NewportGaby and Angus were yelling at them, “No farting, blubber butt!” I told them, “How would you like to be called blubber butt?” and I told my mom that they weren’t respecting the animals. They were laughing a lot. I think it was cool to see the sea lions.

Overall, I had a lot of fun on our beach trip. But I hope next time we have a house that lets us see the ocean.





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