Bike rides still stress me out, but I’m getting better

I’m a mess of anxiety every time I ride bikes with the kids. I’m all for the car-free lifestyle in theory, but ever since Eric was hit by a car while we were riding our bikes to the farmers market, I just can’t deal. So I’m grateful when my friends team up with us for family bike rides — more adults feels safer, and a larger group seems harder to overlook by people in cars. Nevertheless, I was simultaneously looking forward to and dreading our bike ride all day!

heading off for a family bike ride in NE Portland

We rode down to Dawson Park this weekend, which has been fabulously renovated.

top of the climbing pyramid



IMG_0752.JPG IMG_0765.JPG IMG_0769.JPG

The girls and I took turns pushing the merry-go-round and then diving on. Want to feel drunk without any alcohol? Spin around on a merry-go-round with some strong and enthusiastic kids for a while!







Playground at Dawson Park

Playground at Dawson Park


You can change the world! ©Mostlymommyhood

Seen on the sidewalk at Dawson Park.

We had dedicated bike lanes for part of the ride, and designated bike streets for most of it. That means more bikes on those streets, and fewer stop signs, and more awareness from cars. With one parent in the lead, one in the rear, and Jacob placing himself in all the intersections while we all rode through, it felt reasonably safe. Even so, it was all I could do to not scream every time a car drove down the same street as us. I was a bundle of nerves, but we survived and even had a good time, thanks to Mary & Jacob being so patient and understanding. Eventually, I’ll be able to go out with the kids by myself again. Eventually!

Dedicated bike lane

Dedicated bike lane


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