I am back to Mostly Mommyhood

Zephyrs leapMotherhood has shaped my life in a way that no other life experience has. Everyone says having a child changes everything. I knew many things would change, but I never knew the depth of those changes. It shocking. Parenthood is not for everyone and many of my friends are choosing not to walk down this path. I respect that deeply. Lets face it, being a parent is F*%#ing hard. It consumes your whole life. For me, I love the changes it has brought. It has been almost six years since my son was born and I feel like a completely different person. I do feel I have lost a bit of my spunky youth, but I also feel I am more of the woman that I am meant to be. I love adventure and being with my child is an adventure every day. I have learned more about myself in the past six years than I had in the 37 years before he was born. I am grateful for each moment I spend with him and what he has taught me. And that is why I am back on Mostly Mommyhood. I want to share our experience. We are a family that has made outdoor recreation our top priority and now we get to teach our son. How fun. I hope to share some of our adventures and help get other families out there. Doing what they love and loving it together.

Lets Play,

Dayl, Zephyr, Jim and Ziggy Z the wonder mutt.

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