Fall Fun: Leaf Crowns and a Walk with my Girl

I took Anna and Mady for a walk to the pet store and lunch, and along the way we were inspired by the pretty leaves.

Here is Anna’s account of it. She had to write a narrative for school about a Fall day using sensory details, and this experience provided the perfect topic!


One day, we decided to take a walk. It was a pretty long walk, but it was fun. I went with my Mama and my friend Mady. We were picking up leaves, and they were so pretty that we just had to do something with them. My mama came up with the idea of making leaf crowns out of paper bags and the leaves. But we didn’t have any craft supplies with us, so we went to QFC. At the store, we bought two tape dispensers and a bottle of glue. They gave us a paper bag and the let us use a box cutter to make the rings for our heads.
Then we continued on our walk, and started building our crowns as we went on. I thought that I looked like a peacock, so whenever I had something positive to say (like when my Mama said, “Do you want this leaf on your crown?”), I would say, “PEACOCK!” Sometimes, I even said it just for fun, when I didn’t have anything else to say.
To attach the leaves, we would press them against our crowns (the paper), and my Mama would tape them on. This was great, until we tried to attach gingko berries, which weighed them down in the front.
The crown felt like a teensy tiny bit of weight on my head, until we added the berries. So I took off the berries, I was trying to just take off the stem, but12063353_10156044483025532_5484263242244137784_n
when the berry came off – YUCK – it was really moist and gooey.
It was pretty fun.
When we got to Cha Cha Cha we ordered our food. I ordered a tortila soup, Mady ordered a burrito, and my Mama ordered a Caesar salad. Our food was good and a little spicy. On our way home the air felt warm against the chilly morning. I would love to take another walk with them.

– Anna


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