Cosplay in the Forest

I desperately wanted to get my kids out into the woods — I was hoping to find some chanterelles, and just thought we needed some exercise. Whenever I have some time off I always want to go to the forest. It’s my happy place, for sure.
 The kids didn’t want to go for a hike, they didn’t want to leave the house. And they certainly didn’t want to go hunting for mushrooms! They don’t even like mushrooms. They like the hunt, but only if the weather’s good. 

So I told them, in my most excited voice, “I just received word that an evil sorcerer has invaded the Forest Kingdom, and is trying to capture all the enchanted mushrooms to use for his own dark purposes. We have to go into the woods, rescue all the enchanted mushrooms, and save them from the evil sorcerer!” 

Anna looked at me and said wryly, “What dark purposes? Soup?”

We went over to our friends’ house to try to make plans with them to do something fun. 

Now, there were six kids assembled. I tried my spiel on them again, and it worked–they got so excited! One girl, Agatha, even said “We need costumes!” I jumped up and down! You are speaking my language, Agatha!

Since it was only a week after Halloween, I still had all the costumes easily accessible. I grabbed capes, tunics, a shield, sword, trident,  bow and arrow, feathers, metallic temporary tattoos, anything that seemed like it would be appropriate. 

All the kids dressed up and we were off into the woods!

Anna even got in to the spirit, creating a “secret plan of the wizard” that she claimed one of our woodland helpers had found and brought to us to aid us in our search. 



 We diverted from our planned path, away from where I thought there would be mushrooms, in favor of hiking up to upper Horsetail Falls. The kids looked so awesome in their costumes, and I wanted them to see that cool waterfall and be able to go behind it.

While we didn’t find any mushrooms it was still fun to run through the woods and a fun costumes.

I’ll have to come up with another story the next time I want to get the kids out looking for mushrooms!


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