Virtual Became Reality at #ComcastYourWay event

I don’t always want to go to parties. I am fortunate enough to be invited to a lot of events, but lately I’m more inclined to decline so I can spend that time with my kids. I’m realizing that my time with them is limited – each phase of their childhood has felt like roughly 5 minutes, and soon they won’t want to hang out with me at all. But I was intrigued by this invite from Comcast and decided to go:

invitation to Comcast's Tech Your Way event in Portland, Oregon

Plus I knew that April Severson Events was working on the event, so of course it would be good!

It was worth the time! I knew it was going to be a hit when these fierce gals were the greeters at the doors of the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry:

Game characters came to life to greet event attendees

Game characters came to life to greet event attendees

Cool, right?

The green gal on the right, I learned, is from World of Warcraft – a game that is being turned into a mega movie out this summer.


You know I love a red carpet! #comcastyourway

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Inside OMSI, I found several bars, sumptuous hors d’oeuvres and a taco bar (!), all interspersed with cool gadgets and opportunities to play. The highlight was the virtual reality, at least for me. They had several swivel chairs set up with headphones, virtual reality glasses, and subwoofers in the back of the chairs. Each chair/glasses set up was a different VR feature, putting the viewer into a different 360º world (all Comcast-related properties, of course!). I tried out several – in one, I was flying on an eagle, in another I was being stalked by some creepy ghost thing from Grimm. My favorite was an up-close interaction with an apatosaurus in Jurassic World. The subwoofers in the chairs really made me feel like it was real! IMG_8648

guests enjoying virtual reality at Comcast's Tech Your Way event in Portland, OR

The funny thing about having VR at an event is that you keep feeling like someone is watching you – I kept having to remind myself that they can’t see me with those glasses on.

  At one point, the crowd was gently gathered and welcomed by Comcast folks, then… get this… they handed out $10,000 each to two local start-ups!  Comcast gives our $10,000 to two Portland start-ups at the Tech Your Way event Then, we were invited into OMSI’s Empirical Theater (which is really cool you should totally go see movies there). We saw trailers and a mini feature for the new Jason Bourne movie (yes!) which I’m totally excited for, plus the new Warcraft movie, which is not really my cup of tea but was still impressive to see on the giant screen.   

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