Angry Birds movie – Free screening in Portland, OR

The kids and I are hosting a pre-screening of the new Angry Birds movie this weekend for Fandango!

Angry Birds Movie Screening in Portland, by Fandango

Won’t you come?

Download free tickets here.

I have to be completely honest, this would not have been my first choice of a movie. But OMG Anna and Eric are SOOOOOOO excited about the Angry Birds movie, it’s making me excited about it, too. And we’ve now watched ALL the trailers, and it actually looks fun. The cast is impressive, and we will be giving out prizes from Fandango – so you totes want to come join us!

Here’s a preview:

So come watch the movie with us, and win fun prizes from Fandango!


10:00 a.m.

Download your screening tickets here, and join us at the VIP screening.

See you there!


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