Title Nine Bra Fit Fest – and #Giveaway!

I thought I could be the kind of person who posts a picture of herself in a sports bra – but I tried and I’m just not. I admire the brave women who do so, but I’m not yet that brave. I’m a full 30 lbs heavier than when I got pregnant with Eric – and I’m just not posting that picture. Maybe in a few months I can show it as my “before” picture!

Here's as much of that picture as I'm willing to share right now. The rest of the shot will make a great "before" picture in a few months.

Here’s as much of that picture as I’m willing to share right now. The rest of the shot will make a great “before” picture in a few months.

Those extra pounds are exactly why this sports bra opportunity came at the right time, though. I’ve been wearing the same sports bra for approximately 5 years, and the only reason it’s not too small with all that extra weight is because it’s so stretched out! Sad.

Title Nine invited me to come to the store in Portland for a personal fitting, and they gave me a bra! I know, right? So great. I was delighted to see that they have more than just sports bras, though. I actually ended up purchasing an every-day bra in addition to the one they are giving me.


The whole store was very tempting for me. Full of empowering messages for girls and women, and sporting some of the cutest activewear I’ve ever seen.


Title Nine is holding a “Fit Fest”on June 1 & 2 (RSVP in store, or by calling 800-342-4448), and you can get yourself personally fitted for just the right sports bra by one of their “Bravangelists.” I’ve been fitted for bras before, but never for a sports bra – and I’m looking forward to a more comfortable running & biking experience. I also learned that the average woman is a 36C, but most sports bras are only A & B cups. Title Nine has a variety of sizes for every shape and workout, as they say, “whether you’re a 32AA or a 40DDD.” I’m planning on taking Anna in – she’s about ready for one of those A cups!

My #Bravangelist, Amy helped me find the perfect fit.

My #Bravangelist, Amy helped me find the perfect fit.

You can get a personalized fit at the store closest to you, using their online “Bra Genie,” or even by calling – 800-342-4448.

The cool thing is they are offering up a bra for one of you – enter to win!


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Disclosure: as mentioned several times throughout this post, Title Nine is giving me a sports bra, and is offering a bra for one of my readers. No other compensation was received, and all opinions are my own. You are entitled to your own opinions about the picture of me in the sports bra. 


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