Archview Campground in Moab, Utah

I hate ave to admit, I had low expectations. All I needed was a guarantee camping spot – swimming pool was just a bonus. What we got was so much more. This place is a gem! 

The biggest surprise for me was that we can actually SEE some of the arches FROM OUR CAMP SITE.  Seriously. 

The next happy surprise was laundry facilities on premises – air conditioned laundry facilities! Are you kidding fading me? Brian and I had planned to do laundry Friday evening after rafting – we just though we’d be in a dingy laundromat in Moab. Instead, the kids and Brian were swimming in the pool, and I started a load of laundry, had a luxurious shower to my self (during which I used used ALL THE PRODUCTS #highmaintenance), then while the clothes were in the dryer, I made dinner back at camp. So good. 

Another huge gold star for this place is the extensive OHV trail system. Not only did I use these for my morning runs, but we all four walked out in to the desert to enjoy the sunset, which was magical. Anna and I streaked through the desert, though we have no photographic evidence! 

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