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heart shaped rock on the beach

Budding Naturalists

We are ringing in the new year on the coast this year, and I have to say it is LOVELY to be …

kids with mustaches ©

funny kid quotes

My kids crack me up! Here are a few examples of their wit and wisdom from the last few weeks: “I feel …

Anna, listening to the wind at Catherine Creek ©MostlyMommyhood

Anna’s Wisdom

Sometimes I think my daughter is wise beyond her years. The ideas that come out of that girl astound me, and I’m …

Anna the Runner

Anna’s First-Grade Marathon

Our little school doesn’t have a gym for PE classes, so to help keep the kids moving and motivated, the first-graders run …


American Girl Store #Seattle4Kids

Anna started carrying around a pumpkin at Halloween. She refused to carve it into a Jack-o-lantern, naming it “Pumpky” and wrapping it …